Mobile App Maintenance

Mobile App Maintenance

Senior-level maintenance at reasonable price


2200€/month + VAT

Not enough work to justify a full-time developer? My maintenance service is the ideal solution. For just a fraction of a full-time developer’s salary, you get senior-level maintenance for your app. Mature mobile apps typically need only minor feature additions, library updates to comply with Play Store standards, and occasional code refactoring. Opting for a full-time developer or doing it yourself could be excessive and stressful. With my service, you’re free from these burdens, ensuring your app remains up-to-date and efficient without the hassle. Additionally with Self-Managed Maintenance you don't need to worry about task assignment for my work - I monitor the codebase myself, and update when it is required.

On-Demand Services

Subscribe to my On-Demand Services with a flat monthly fee for continuous app maintenance as needed. You can submit an unlimited number of maintenance tasks each month, but I handle them one at a time to ensure thorough attention to each task.
Once a task is completed, you’re ready to submit the next one. My streamlined process keeps your app functional and up-to-date, allowing you to focus on your business growth while I take care of the technical details.

What is Included?

In my On-Demand Services, I tackle a variety of tasks that ensure the smooth operation and upkeep of your mobile app:

Good Examples of Tasks:
• Implementing small features that enhance functionality without extensive development.
• Writing or updating documentation for existing features to ensure clarity and usability.
• Fixing bugs to improve app stability and performance.
• Refactoring features for improved code efficiency and maintainability.
• Updating tests to ensure your app remains robust against new scenarios.
• Updating the Target SDK to comply with the latest Android standards.
• Updating libraries to utilize the latest versions for better performance and security.
• Booking consultation calls to discuss potential improvements or resolve issues.
• Anything else similar to above examples

Examples of Tasks Not Included:
• Implementing a complete new module or a complex system within the app.
• Developing a new app from scratch, as this falls under project development, not maintenance.
• Daily standup calls, as consistent communication of this nature exceeds the scope of maintenance work.

Self-Managed Maintenance

Opt for my Self-Managed Maintenance plan if you prefer a hands-off approach to app upkeep. For an additional fee, I’ll handle everything—monitoring and updating libraries and SDKs, ensuring compliance with Play Store requirements, and making necessary adjustments to keep your app running smoothly. This service is perfect for busy professionals or businesses that want to focus fully on their core activities without the technical hassle. Just set it and forget it; I keep your app in top shape while you concentrate on what you do best.


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