Android Native App Development

Android Native App Development

Android Native App Development: Flexibility, Integration and Easy Communication


60€/h + VAT

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Android Developer for hire is one of my favorite services to provide. Not only because that is what I have begun my journey with more than 7 years ago, but also because of my love for technologies used in that stack. Kotlin, with its slick syntax, gives the best Developer Experience, leading to the best app implementations out there. Native Android Development might be a great choice for a company with an already established iOS App that wants to reach a new audience on Android devices, or someone who just wants to build a new app natively. As a freelancer, I am not only a developer; I am also your helping hand that takes all the burden from your shoulders. I will help you decide on solutions, features, and more. Hiring me assures you will get regular updates to keep you in sync with progress and the best care of a client taken.

Android Developer Freelancer

Android Developer Freelancer service is the flagship service in my portfolio. With these services, you can expect the highest possible standards and up-to-date technologies. My Android Tech Stack includes:

• Language: (Recommended) Kotlin, (Outdated) Java
• UI built with: (Recommended) Jetpack Compose, (Outdated) XML
• Data Storage: (On-Device) Room Database, (In the cloud) Firebase, (Custom in the cloud) Backend
• Dependency Injection: Dagger, Koin

Any special technology requests are also welcome.


As a freelancer, I put all my heart into making my clients feel well-informed about the progress on their app. You will never feel abandoned. The frequency of meetings can be adjusted to your needs; however, my recommendation is to have between 1-3 calls per week and daily message updates.

When to choose Native Android Development?

In the second decade of the 21st century, you might be overwhelmed by the selection of mobile technologies. Not to worry, I am here to help. General rules for the choice are pretty simple, and any other custom solutions might be consulted on a free call. Feel free to contact me via the form at the bottom of the page. If your app is complex with multiple integrations (Bluetooth connection, Web3/Crypto, etc.) or you already plan to build a huge app, Native Android Development is for you. Additionally, if you already have an iOS app with your audience, it might be a good choice to supplement it with a native Android app to broaden your reach to a new platform with a high-quality android app. Remember, Europe and other parts of the world have a huge Android Market. In case your app is quite simple technology-wise and just connects with some online services, I would recommend choosing Flutter from my services to make the implementation time shorter and maintenance cheaper. Example Native Android Apps: Crypto Wallet, Smart light management app. Example Flutter Apps: Social media app, ecommerce app.

Native Part of Cross-platform app

You can also use my skills to implement a specific native Android feature in an existing cross-platform app. As a Native Android and Flutter freelancer, I have experience in aspects of both native and cross-platform development. That helps a lot in adapting to the requirements of a custom native feature in any cross-platform framework like Flutter or React Native.

Fractional Android Development Services

Not always will you need a full-time developer. That is why I provide fractional Android development services as well. You can hire me for as much time as you need. This way, you can temporarily increase your development team’s bandwidth, implement just one specific feature, or consult on a specific matter.

Advanced Android Integrations

Many Native Android Apps include some kind of integration with other technologies. Common cases are crypto applications that include integration with Web3 and blockchain, or Smart Home management apps that need to communicate directly with smart devices. Android native development services in my portfolio include such integrations and any other integrations. In some cases, you will need to provide me with the device that you want to get integrated with the Android app, in order to properly test it.

If anything stated above is at least slightly what you need, feel free to contact me through the contact below. P.S. For those who scanned this page more carefully, I have something special. Just mention that you would want to have a free trial, and I will give you 8 hours of my work completely for free! That can be used for consultation, brainstorming or even implementation.


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